MakeCode Assignments in Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration hub for Office 365 where Educators can organize student groups into classes with content, conversations, apps, and assignments all in one place.

We’re excited to announce a new Teams feature for Educators who are teaching with MakeCode. You can now create MakeCode programming assignments for your students by attaching a MakeCode project. Students can then open the MakeCode editor and complete the assignment without ever leaving Teams!

Watch this video demonstration to learn more:

For more information, Educators can read the documentation on how to add MakeCode projects to assignments.

To turn this feature on, the IT Administrator of an Office 365 Education tenant needs to complete these steps:

  1. Go to the Teams Admin Center and navigate to the Assignments section.
  2. Next to the MakeCode option, click the On toggle button and then click the Save button.

Teams administration page

  1. Once this is done, wait about an hour for the Teams app cache to clear.

To learn more about the Assignments feature in Teams, please see the documentation. We hope this new Assignments feature is helpful for Educators teaching with MakeCode and Teams!

Happy Making and Coding!

The MakeCode Team