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Microsoft MakeCode supports localized content for the MakeCode editors, their documentation, and the document pages on the website. Support for localization lets people use, learn, and enjoy MakeCode in their own language.

Localization of MakeCode is made possible by the contributions of translators all over the world working to get MakeCode translated into many languages. Our translations are managed by Crowdin, a translation management platform for crowd-based localization. It is free to join and you can volunteer to translate parts of the MakeCode editors and website.

Crowdin project

Our Crowdin translation project contains the text resources for the MakeCode UI, programming blocks, and content pages.

If you want to help with translating the MakeCode project, please sign in to Crowdin (or join first if you don’t already have an account) and send us a translator request.

Sign up to translate

For a quick explaination of how to sign up and join a MakeCode translation team, watch this short video:

Get started

After you’ve joined a translation team and are signed in, choose the language you’re translating for. Under that language you will find files for the common text and folders for the different editors (also called targets). You begin by choosing a file listed or a file in one of the target folders. In these files are strings, or text, that are the parts of MakeCode you will translate.

When you translate, you have the role of a translator which lets you suggest and save any new or better translation for a string. A proofreader reviews your translations and will approve them if they are accurate. Other translators may suggest a different one if they think yours is incorrect and you can discuss it to agree on which one is correct. Once your translation is approved, it will appear online for that string when your language is selected in the editor or website.

If you’re more comfortable translating while actually using and seeing the strings in the editor, you can add your translations with the in context translation feature. This lets you do much of the translation work outside of the Crowdin website.

Translation topics

Although they are linked in the Get started section above, you can further familiarize yourself with the translation activities by reviewing these topics:

  1. Translation languages
  2. Localization files
  3. Parts to translate
  4. Translator roles
  5. In context translation

Quick reference info

Check the FAQ first

Just need a quick answer to a translation question? You can check the FAQ first.

Crowdin deep dive

If you’re interested in the technical aspects of how the localization process works in MakeCode, watch this video for an overview.