MakeCode Minecraft 2023 Update

Posted on November 1st, 2023 by Jaqster

The MakeCode fall update for Minecraft is here!

Here’s a run-down of all the new features and improvements:

More stuff!

We’ve added 130 new blocks, items and mobs for this release - including Frogs, Tadpoles, Allays, Sniffers, Cherry and Bamboo blocks, and much more! Now you have even more stuff to code with!

New mobs in this release

New blocks available to place

New Code Blocks

In addition to more in-game content, we’ve also added a few new code blocks that will hopefully make your Minecraft coding creations even more amazing.

Particles - In the Mobs category, you’ll find a block that allows you to spawn particles like explosions, smoke, snowflakes, and my favorite, elephant toothpaste vapor!

New particle code block

Position comparison - This was a long-requested block that allows you to more easily compare position values.

New position comparison code block

Structure blocks - For more advanced users, we support the /structure command in Minecraft that will allow you to save chunks of the world into “structures” and load them in other places!

New structure building code blocks

Version History

We have repeatedly heard reports of students losing or accidentally deleting their code - which makes us very sad. To help with this, we have added version history for projects. You can access previous versions of your code through the Project Settings menu in the upper right corner.

Version History item in the Settings menu

We save student code automatically every 5 minutes and they can restore their older code, if need be, with a click of a button.

Version History list and code display


Extensions are a way to create custom MakeCode blocks that students can use to code with. MakeCode has a big range of built-in code blocks in the Toolbox, but extensions are a great way to create code that students can use for specific purposes. You can access the extension gallery by clicking on Extensions in the Toolbox.

Extensions Toolbox category

Extensions Gallery

Here are a few of the new extensions that are available:

Music - add a soundtrack to your code! With the Music blocks, you can compose your own melodies with notes and instruments, create different sound effects, and play some of the amazing Minecraft background music!

Code with Music extension

Space - the Space extension provides code blocks to simulate a solar system in Minecraft. Create real to-scale planets and stars, and even invent your own custom spheres!

Space objects created with the Space extension

Castles - programmatically build castles in Minecraft! The Castles extension provides code blocks to create castle towers, walls and even bean stalks and castles in the sky!

Code with Castle extension

Mob Events - similar to a behavior pack, this extension will allow you to code different behaviors or actions for mobs in your game. You can create a flock of tame parrots, turn polar bears into baby bear cubs, transform a school of different tropical fish all into clownfish, or my favorite, charge and explode a bunch of creepers! The possibilities are endless!

Creepers mobs actions video

Roller Coaster Builder - construct your own amusement park in Minecraft! The Roller Coaster extension allows you to construct your own fantastical roller coaster with code. Add ramps, spirals and free-falling drops to create an amazing ride for your friends - with just a few blocks of code!

Roller coaster builder video

To learn more about how to build your own extensions for MakeCode in Minecraft Education, follow these instructions

Code Connection end-of-support

In addition to these updates, we are also announcing end-of-support for Code Connection, the companion app for Minecraft Bedrock on Windows. Because Code Connection is a separate app, it has been a challenge to keep up with game updates, and as a result there have been reliability and game connectivity issues. Code Connection was also not an optimal coding experience being in a separate window from the game. Minecraft Education with Code Builder built into the game is the best way to code with Minecraft, and there are direct purchasing options for individual licenses as well - learn more at The Code Connection app will be removed from the Microsoft Store on December 1, 2023. Users can save all their code files and import them into Minecraft Education by clicking on the Settings menu and selecting Save Project.

We hope you enjoy these updates, and we can’t wait to see what you create next in Minecraft!

Happy Making and Coding!

The MakeCode Team