Seeed Grove Zero

Microsoft MakeCode for Seeed Grove Zero Beta

Posted on November 14, 2017 by riknoll

The Microsoft MakeCode Team is excited to announce a beta release editor for the Seeed Grove Zero system!

The Grove Zero system is made up of magnetic modules that snap together for endless making and learning possibilities. You program the main board to control all of the various inputs and outputs out of the box. Cables can even replace the magnetic connectors to create extra-flexible making opportunities! Check out the included instruction guide for sample projects, ideas, and makes.

Grove Zero Simulator

The Simulator

Our Grove Zero simulator changes with the code you write! Modules show up when your code uses them and they hide away when not. To control a module, all you have to do is select it in the bottom carousel and an easy-to-use control appears in the simulator above.

Powered by UF2 and CODAL

The Grove Zero ships with the UF2 bootloader and requires no additional installation. All you need to run your code is a computer with a USB port and a browser. Also under-the-hood is the powerful Lancaster University CODAL runtime which brings the friendly event-based programming you’ve come to expect from our editors.

More Information

For more information, or to order a Grove Zero kit, visit Seeed’s website. There you’ll find project ideas and lesson plans for using the Grove Zero in your classroom.

- Microsoft MakeCode Team

P.S. This is a beta release. If you find any issues please drop us a line on our Github.