Micro:bit Editor v0.9.77

Posted on March 30, 2017

This release brings custom blocks, improved iOS support, better embedding and a bunch of cool projects.

Custom blocks

The custom blocks feature allows to package JavaScript functions in a project and surface them as blocks in the editor. A typical scenario is to bundled some scafolding functions in a project and share it with students.

For example, the following JavaScript function

namespace custom {
     * TODO: describe your function here
     * @param value describe value here, eg: 5
    //% block
    export function fib(value: number): number {
        return value <= 1 ? value : fib(value -1) + fib(value - 2);

automatically gets loaded as blocks in the editor:

Custom blocks screenshot

Improved iPhone and iPad support!

The iOS micro:bit app got recently updated by ScienceScope. Fixes in this release, improve the coding and flashing experience of the micro:bit on iPhone and iPads.

iPhone screenshot

Nicer embeddings

Shared project can be embedded in web pages and blogs. When this happens, the size of the editor is usually much small than the regular full screen when editing. We’ve worked on this experience so that your shared project look great… even when browsed from a mobile phone.

Embedded view

Custom Bluetooth low energy service sample

Ever dreamed of rolling out your own BLE service? Now is the time! Leveraging the package system from PXT, you can create your very own BLE services like the bluetooth temperature sensor service sample.

New projects

In the Milk Carton Robot, you turn a used milk carton into a funny robot.

Peter Heldens @peterheldens contributed the Milk Monster in English and Dutch!

Flip a coin and learn about conditionals.