MakeCode Arcade - now more ways to play!

Posted on November 6th, 2023 by Jaqster

Great news for MakeCode Arcaders… we’re releasing some updates today that will allow you to play the Arcade games you create on micro:bits and on an Xbox!

MakeCode Arcade on micro:bit

That’s right! We’re crossing the streams! Now you can download your MakeCode Arcade games on to a micro:bit! All you need is a micro:bit v2 and an Arcade shield expansion board that includes a screen and buttons/joystick. Several hardware partners have already launched these micro:bit accessories, and we hope to see more!

Kittenbot game shield

Kittenbot was the first to create an Arcade accessory for the micro:bit. The Newbit is a cute, cat-themed board with red and blue buttons, pins and a Jacdac connector.

Retro expansion board

Elecfreaks makes a polished-looking micro:bit Retro expansion board with nice hand-holds, yellow buttons, an acrylic case, pins and a Jacdac connector.

Game:bit console shield

ICShop from Taiwan has the Game:Bit which sports a larger screen, plastic case, and joystick.

The micro:bit v2 has enough memory to hold 1 Arcade game, so you can use it as a game cartridge - if you have multiple micro:bits, you can swap different games in and out on a long road trip! For educators, this is a great way to take your classroom micro:bits even further and move from physical computing into game development. Learn more about hardware for MakeCode Arcade here:

MakeCode Arcade on Xbox

Move over Halo and Forza, now you can play your own games on Xbox! The Microsoft MakeCode Arcade Kiosk app in the Xbox Store allows you to upload the games you create with MakeCode Arcade onto an Xbox and play them on the big screen with a game controller. There are 20 pre-loaded Arcade games available to play including Space Destroyer and Bunny Hop. To play your own games on Xbox, download and install the app, then select the Add your game button. You will see a unique Kiosk ID appear.

Add your game button

Kiosk ID with QR code

From MakeCode Arcade in a web browser, click to Share your game, select the Joystick icon, type in the Kiosk ID from the Xbox app, then click Submit.

Project Share button

Share the Kiosk ID

This Xbox app is a great step towards empowering students with real-world skills and helping them see themselves as future game developers! To learn more about the MakeCode Arcade Kiosk mode, visit

Happy Making and Coding!

The MakeCode Team