Beginner Skillmap Has Launched!

Updated on May 21st, 2021 by kiki-lee

Update: It’s here! The beginner skillmap has launched! You can play now by visiting

Today, the MakeCode Team is super excited to launch the Beginner Skillmap experience which is a guided introduction to coding through a series of fun tutorials. The Beginner Skillmap is perfect for students learning from home who may be new to computer science. Students will get to build 3 basic games: Storytelling, Clicker and Dino Run.


The Motivation Behind Skillmap

The MakeCode Arcade Beginner Skillmap was designed to help address the rise of students learning at home, and improve the current inequities found globally today in computer science education. This lack of diversity stems, in part, from the belief that programming is too hard or too boring. The Beginner Skillmap is designed to provide a simple drag-and-drop interface that engages students through an exciting and purposeful first set of coding experiences.

Designed using research-based pedagogical strategies, the skillmap is an easy-to-follow pathway that introduces coding concepts and game development without the need for instructor intervention. Students who progress through skillmap tutorials will experience coding fundamentals (such as loops, variables, and conditionals) and game development skills (like design, storytelling, rules, and end conditions) as they create retro-style arcade games. Even better, all of this has been created to speak directly to the interests and goals of the student to ensure that they’re learning skills that matter to them.

The skillmap combines elements of gamification with a traditional learning path to engage and guide students who are new to coding. At each stage of the skillmap, there are animated GIFs that provide previews of the activities ahead.


It also features celebrations at each path’s end, including certificates and confetti, as a reward for a job well done. Future versions will incorporate additional gamification elements to incentivize persistence and pushing beyond comfortable limits. All skillmaps will center around the creation of fun, engaging arcade gaming experiences that students love to code, create, play, and share with friends and family.

Try It Today

To try the Beginner Skillmap, visit