Micro:bit Editor v0.12.23

Posted on May 30th, 2017

This release introduces Arrays in blocks, Slow-Mo in the simulator, better Sidedocs, as well as various bug fixes and improvements.


Debug your code more easily by using Slow-Mo to slow down and trace execution. Enable it using the snail button under the simulator.


It is now possible to create and manipulate arrays in blocks as well. You will find the Arrays block category under Advanced.

Select your Language

Click on the gearwheel icon and Languages to select the language used in the editor.

Side docs for all screens

The side documentation pane now works for small screens.

High contrast in simulator

Click on the gearwheel icon and High Contrast On to enable a special color scheme on the simulator.

Grid pickers

The gesture and pin dropdown have been replaced with grid pickers to avoid having to scroll down to find the correct option!

API updates

  • input.calibrateCompass() is now available to explicitly start the calibration process for the compass.
  • sprite deletion issue fixed
  • serial.readBuffer and serial.writeBuffer allow to read/write binary data over serial
  • bluetooth.onUartDataReceive event raised when UART data is coming in via BLE
  • support for specifying time interval in basic.showIcon and basic.showArrow similar to basic.showLeds
  • better SPI support with pins.spiFormat, pins.spiFrequency and pins.spiSetPins