MakeCode Arcade Game Jam

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Over the last few weeks you may have seen us posting about the MakeCode Arcade One Room Game Jam on Twitter, or talking about it on our livestreams. A huge thank you to everyone who entered; we’ve been delighted and amazed by the creativity and craft on display in these games! Participants were asked to make a game that takes place in “one room”, using exactly one tilemap. Here are some of our favorites from the jam:

NineCarpets by phillowcompiler

NineCarpets NineCarpets is a fun pattern-matching game with great graphics, in the style of a tile-sliding puzzle! Use the A button to flip a tile, B to swap two tiles, and pet the cat if you’re feeling stressed about time.

Meteor Defense! by Fieldronix

Meteor Defense! You are the only line of defense between a deadly meteor shower and your base. Strategically place turrets in Fieldronix’s Meteor Defense! to survive for thirty seconds.

Guerrein by Alejandro

Guerrein Protect the earth! Play as a space warrior defending the earth from invading robots in Alejandro’s Guerrein. Survive for as long as you can and collect coins while protecting the planet.

Aqua Ball by Perryw101

Aqua Ball It’s the annual game of Aqua Ball in Fishville and you’re up against the reigning champ. Perryw101’s Aqua Ball stars Goldson, an underdog, trying to take down The Shark. The Shark is an Aqua Ball champion who may have some dirty tricks up their sleeve.

Wave Jumper by shaqattack8

Wave Jumper Totally tubular! Rack up combo points by riding the waves as long as possible in shaqattack8’s Wave Jumper. Grab a friend and try out multiplayer mode for an extra challenge.

Clicking Button Simulator by o_danny

Clicking Button Simulator What!? I have to click this button one thousand times? Fear not, o_danny’s game has more going on than you might think. We don’t want to spoil anything, so give it a shot!

Gigantic Castle by reyhanpanci256

Gigantic Castle Gigantic Castle is an action platformer with multiple ways to play. Choose between two different paths as you navigate a castle stocked with terrifying ghosts, monsters, spikes, and potted plants. This game is a great example of level-design done well! reyhanpanci is a frequent contributor on the MakeCode Forum, make sure you check out their other games!

Space Mechanic by TWIB Productions

Space Mechanic Space Mechanic is a game about doing a job. A repetitive, tedious, menial job with a lot of space ships. It’s the attention to detail that really sells the experience of this game and makes it a world worth visiting!

XTRON by mosowoo

XTRON In XTRON, you navigate the world by throwing a teleporter around. By “you”, we are of course referring to one of the cutest characters that has starred in a game made in MakeCode Arcade. Make sure you press the up and down buttons to trigger some awesome animations!

Chase the sound (turn volume up) by felixtsu

Chase the Sound Turn your volume up for this one! Chase the Sound combines a great audio mechanic with a mysterious narrative to build a lot of ambiance into a game with a single repeating room.

Head over to the official game jam page to see the full list of submissions!