MakeCode for the micro:bit - 2019 Release

Posted on June 15th, 2019 by Jaqster

It’s out! The 2019 MakeCode micro:bit update has been released!

A BIG thanks to everyone who has been hammering on the Beta these past couple months to help us find bugs and come up with fixes. Unlike last year’s update, you probably won’t notice too many changes – we tried to keep this update very incremental. Check out our earlier blog post about the 2019 Beta to see what new features are added. Oh, and here’s a little video that gives a demo tour around some of the new features in this release:

Also, good news for countries or schools that have network connectivity challenges! We are publishing an app version of MakeCode for the micro:bit that is entirely offline. Find out more about using MakeCode offline.

Happy Making and Coding!

The MakeCode Team