MakeCode with GitHub (Episode 3)

This blog post is a continuation in a series posts documenting the integration of GitHub authoring in MakeCode. In the previous two episodes, we introduced integrated GitHub authoring experience for extensions; then we discussed the new support for diffing and branching.

In this episode, we tell you about our next iteration of GitHub integration - putting in a friendly GitHub experience for all users, not just extension writers.

New button position!

We’ve moved the GitHub button right next to the project save button. It’s always present and it shows you whether or not there are changes needing to be pushed or pulled.

GitHub button next to save

OAuth authentication

Previously, a developer token was needed to sign in to GitHub with MakeCode. In this release, we support a friendlier authentication flow where you are asked by the Microsoft MakeCode for GitHub application to sign in.

OAuth authorization screen

If you’re authenticating with a developer token, that’s still supported too.

Pull Request integration

The experience to create and review pull requests is now streamlined. MakeCode will create a pull request for you and directly open the pull request review page. Additionally, all the rendered diffs display automatically on the pull request timeline.

Pull request button

Rendered blocks diff attached to each commit

If a commit modifies blocks, MakeCode will automatically add the rendered diff to the commit. This allows you to review code changes as blocks in addtion to just seeing them as text.

A rendered blocks diff attached to a commit

Rendered blocks image in the README

The README file displays the rendered blocs for the last commit in the master branch. This is particularly useful when navigating to a MakeCode project through GitHub.

A rendered blocks image in the README


The GitHub Explorer is designed to quickly load and review MakeCode projects hosted on GitHub from a given user. The typical usage scenario for the explorer is when a teacher wants to review projects completed by a student.

The GitHub Explorer application


This new GitHub authoring is currently available in:


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