User Tutorials

This guide explains how users can publish their own tutorials on the MakeCode editor.

There are 2 ways of sharing a tutorial: using a shared script or using a GitHub repository.


Author the tutorial content in the file in your project. The format is the same as documented in tutorials.

The dependencies are used when starting the tutorial project, but code content (main.blocks, main.ts) is ignored.

You can access through by switching to JavaScript, then Explorer, then click on


The easiest way to share a tutorial is to share the program and use the shared project url as follows

https://[editor url]/#tutorial:[shared project url]
  • where editor url is the editor dmain, like
  • where shared project url is the url give to you by MakeCode after sharing,

GitHub repository

If you plan to update your tutorial over time, we recommend to store your project in a GitHub repository. In such case, the URL to open the tutorial directly takes the full GitHub repository URL:

    https://[editor url]/#tutorial:[GitHub repository url]

Report Abuse and approvals

By default, all tutorials opened from a user shared project or GitHub repository will have a Report Abuse button. If you whish to avoid this button, use the GitHub project approach and get the repository approved.