pxt-pyconv Manual Page

Convert a MicroPython module(s) to PXT

pxt pyconv <directory> [<support directory>...]
pxt pyconv <file.py>... [<support directory>...]


All modules found in <directory> will be converted and written out in current directory. Modules are detected by presence of setup.py, README.rst or similar files.

If instead of directory you specify one or more .py files, they will be converted.

Additional Python modules will be searched for in the support directories. They are converted in background, but the results are not written.

Where is python?

The command requires Python 3 with py on Windows or python3 executable to be in the PATH. Or you can specify the python path in the PYTHON3 environment variable.


Only a small fragment of Python is supported. The output is meant to be a starting point for a PXT module.

  • __getitem__, __setitem__ (indexers) are not supported
  • scopes of variables can get confused - you might need to pull out variables by hand

try/catch is converted by not supported by PXT yet.

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