Translation roles

Crowdin is a crowd-sourced translation platform with two main actors: translators and proofreaders. Translators add new translations or vote for existing translations. Once a translation is available, a proofreader needs to validate it in order to appear on the MakeCode web sites.


As a translator you select text from a strings file or markdown page. In this case, the tutorial file is selected.

File list

A particular string is then selected to translate.

String selections list

Over in the translation editor you type in your suggested translation and press SAVE.

Translation editor example

Once your translation is saved, it moves down into the suggested translations list. There could be other translation suggestions listed there too. You can review those to help form your new translation or possibly someone else has come up with a better one. If some part of a string your working on was already translated, Crowdin may offer a suggestion using some of the previous translated text.

Translation suggestions list


Proofreaders review new translations and approve or disapprove suggestions. A suggestion is approved by pressing the Approve button (a checkmark) next to it.

Translation suggestions list