Extension Approval

Only approved extensions are included in the search results that appear in the Extensions dialog. GitHub Organizations or GitHub repos can be approved.

Banned extensions are not allowed to load.


Whenever you are submitting an extension for approval, please check that you have completed the following tasks:

  • A release has been created in GitHub. You can create a release of the extension when syncing in the MakeCode editor or using the pxt bump cli command. The format must be MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.
  • A license file, LICENSE.txt, is present in the root folder. The license type is MIT License. See the Adding a license to a repository topic for more details.
  • An icon image icon.png is available in the root folder. It should be 300x200 pixels and less than 100kb in size.
  • A GitHub repo description added that’s descriptive enough to help with extension search.
  • A test file, called test.ts, is present and compiles when running pxt deploy.
  • The README.md file contains API documentation for the extension blocks.
  • Your public name, functions, and types follow the MakeCode naming conventions.