pxt-hidserial Manual Page

Monitors serial output from certain boards (in particular SAMD21 ones)

pxt hidserial


This command relies on node-hid, a native package for Node.JS. To install this package, run

pxt npminstallnative


When using Codal runtime, PXT sends data from console.log() and friends over a custom USB HID protocol called HF2. The protocol supports a number of other features, including flashing and some debugging. HF2 works on all major operating systems (including Windows 7) without the need for any drivers.

pxt hidserial just dumps serial data to standard output. When using pxt serve and developing at http://localhost:3232, the HID serial is forwarded to the browser, so there is no need to use pxt hidserial.

Other useful HID command include pxt hidlist to list connected HID devices and pxt hiddmesg to dump Codal debug buffer. PXT can also deploy over HID - this is the default when using command line or pxt serve.

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