A collection of experimental MakeCode Editors created by the community.

Experimental Editors are not supported by the Microsoft MakeCode team. To be listed on this page, your editor must be open source on GitHub, preferably under the MIT License.



Maker editor screenshot

An editor for maker-oriented microcontrollers, that typically require breadboarding. For more information, see:

ARcadia: Marker-based augment reality

ARcadia screenshot

ARcadia is a toolkit for bringing paper prototypes to life through the use of marker-based Augmented Reality. It enables users to create tangible interfaces for real-time creative expression without the use of embedded sensors or electronics. For more information, see:

Beat the traffic

Beat the traffic screenshot

This Cornell University course project uses MakeCode to program the logic behind traffic lights in a traffic simulator. For more information, see:


Build-U-Face screenshot

This Cornell University course project uses MakeCode to control a face recognition engine. For more information, see:

Holiday Card

Holiday editor screenshot

Create your own greeting cards using this MakeCode Editor. This is a nice example of MakeCode’s support for embedding the MakeCode editor inside of a web app. For more information, see:


A small wrapper around the Johnny-Five library.