Microsoft MakeCode is replacing Touch Develop

The Change Microsoft is Making

At Microsoft, we continually evaluate and invest in building the right tools to help every student learn the computer science skills they need to succeed in the future. Recently, we determined we needed to replace Touch Develop with Microsoft MakeCode in order to provide a more holistic, hands-on computing education platform that will bring computer science to life through physical computing devices like the micro:bit and immersive experiences like Minecraft. 

What is Microsoft MakeCode?

MakeCode is Microsoft’s programming environment for beginners. We are working hard to bring more courses to MakeCode, to make it a great place for educators and students. Currently, MakeCode supports programming of several hardware devices and Minecraft. 

What is the impact of the change?

Microsoft Touch Develop, a project developed by Microsoft Research to provide computing education to any student on any device, will no longer be available as of May 23, 2018   As a result, customers using the “Creative Coding Through Games and Apps” (CCGA) course based on Touch Develop will no longer have access as of May 23, 2018.

What if we are still using CCGA or Touch Develop this term?

Microsoft advises that all teachers have scripts graded by the 23rd of May.  

What to expect next?

We know that providing high quality curriculum that maps to real-world skills is vital to you. The good news is that we are building new curriculum based on Microsoft MakeCode (which will support a new sprite-based game engine). Some of the benefits of this new curriculum are:

  • It will support coding with Blocks and TypeScript/JavaScript giving learners at different levels the flexibility to progress at their own pace;
  • It will be expanded to include the fundamentals of Beginning Computer Science, including events, coordinates, variables, iteration, conditionals, functions, arrays, algorithms, and more, through a variety of hands-on activities.
  • It will be aligned with CSTA standards.

This new Introductory Computer Science curriculum will be available to existing Microsoft Imagine Academy customers for feedback in late May, with an expected full product launch later this summer. When the beta launches in May, we will include an initial set of lessons for each topic area, as well as an introduction, educator lessons, and even a few advanced topics.  

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