Package Versioning

When someone references your package from the web UI they will get a specific version.

If you have any tags, PXT will pick the one with the highest Semantic Version precedence (the biggest version number). Thus, it’s good to have tags like v0.0.0, v0.1.7 etc.

If there are no tags, PXT will pick the latest commit from the default branch (usually master).

In both cases, the specific version is hard-coded into the user’s package. The version tag is set in the pxt.json for the package:

    "name": "neopixel",
    "version": "0.3.10",

You can use pxt bump to bump version of a package. It will git pull, update the patch version level (but will ask you for an override), create a git tag and push.

Package updates

To update, the user has to take explicit action (currently, remove and re-add the package using the editor).

Forking packages

Be aware that if you just fork an existing package, the fork won’t show up in search. You have to create a new repo.