pxt-buildsprites Manual Page

Encode sprite sheets into a Jres resource

pxt buildsprites DIRECTORY

where DIRECTORY is a folder containing PNG images and a meta.json file.

This needs to run in an extension directory and will generate one .jres and one .ts file.

Example meta.json file:

    "blockIdentity": "image.__imagePicker",
    "creator": "image.ofBuffer",
    "star": {
        "namespace": "images.castle",
        "mimeType": "image/x-mkcd-f4"

The image/x-mkcd-f4 specifies a 4 bit per pixel (indexed 16 colors) image format. The PNG images can be in any format, but the output will be 16 colors.

You can also use image/x-mkcd-f1 for monochromatic.

In either case one of your pxt.json files, referenced from the current package (including the current package pxt.json itself) needs to have palette field defined. Example:

    // ...
    "palette": [
    // ...

Multiple sprites per file

If your PNG files contain more than one sprite each, you can add the following to the meta.json file:

    "width": 16,
    "height": 8,
    // ...

This will cut the PNG images into separate frames of specified size.

The width/height settings as well as names of generated sprites, can be overridden per PNG file. For example, if you have princess.png image with different directions in which 16x16 sprite is going you would use the following:

    "width": 16,
    "height": 16,
    "frames": [

The frames will be called images.castle.princessFront0 etc., where the namespace is taken from meta.json above, princess from file name, and the suffix from frames field.


You can add tags that describe your sprites in the meta.json file.

    "tags": "character hero"
    // ...

These can be used to filter sprites into (or out of) galleries in the image editor.

These tags should be separated by spaces. If you want a tag to only be used to include the sprite in a gallery and not to exclude it, you can start the tag with a question mark ?. For example, if you have a sprite that is a pretty flower, that can be used as a flower but also on it’s own, you might set it to have the following tags:

flower ?tile

Note that tags are case insensitive.

You can add tags per PNG file as well. If both the meta.json and the json file for the specific PNG contain tags, then both sets are included.


Tags can be used to include or exclude images from galleries. In blocks, these can be used with a filter defined for the Sprite Editor. This filter is a string containing a space separated series of tags. When the first character of a tag is an exclamation mark !, that tag will be excluded from the gallery.

For example, if a sprite editor is set to have the following filter:

flower !tile

Then the gallery will contain only sprites with the flower tag, that do not contain the tile tag.

Note that filters are case insensitive.

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