pxt-electron Manual Page

Performs the specified Electron-related subcommand.

pxt electron <subcommand> [flags]


init Subcommand

Prepares the PXT target in the current directory for use with pxt electron run.

pxt electron init [--product path/to/product.json] [--appsrc path/to/pxt_electron_shell]

run Subcommand

Runs the target from the current directory inside the PXT Electron app. Requires to have previously run pxt electron init for the current target.

pxt electron run [--appsrc path/to/pxt_electron_shell]

package Subcommand

Packages the full PXT Electron app using the target from the current directory.

To also build the distributable (.exe installer on Windows, .zip app bundle on Mac OS), use the --installer flag.

To use a published target from NPM instead of the target in the current directory, use the --release flag.

pxt electron package [--product path/to/product.json] [--appsrc path/to/pxt_electron_shell] [--installer] [--release target[@version]]


--product Flag

Specifies the path to the product.json file to use. Use this flag if you need a custom product.json. To use the target’s default product.json, this flag is not needed.

[--product path/to/product.json]
[-p path/to/product.json]

--appsrc Flag

Specifies the path to the root of the PXT Electron app source code. Defaults to ../pxt/electron.

If your target’s repo and the pxt-core repo are in the same directory, you don’t need to specify this.

[--appsrc path/to/pxt_electron_shell]
[-a path/to/pxt_electron_shell]

--installer Flag (pxt electron package only)

When packaging the app, using this flag will also generate the distributable for the Electron app (.exe installer on Windows, .zip app bundle on Mac OS).


--release Flag (pxt electron package only)

All pxt electron commands default to using the local target from the current directory.

When packaging the app, however, you can choose to use a target from a published NPM package instead of your local repo.

[--release target[@version]]
[-r target[@version]]